C, C++の関連ファイルを開く 完成版


今更な機能説明ですが、例えば、test.cを開いている際にM-x c-open-relational-fileを実行すると、test.hに切り替えてくれます。(もちろん、その逆も可)


;; Author:Tatsuhiko Kubo
;; This elisp can keeping in touch between header file and source file for C or C++

;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.

(defun c-open-relational-file-get-opened-file-name-prefix (file-name)
  (string-match "/\\([^./]+\\)\\.[^.]+$" file-name)
  (match-string 1 file-name))

(defun c-open-relational-file-get-ext-type (file-name)
  (string-match "\\.\\([^.]+\\)$" file-name)
  (match-string 1 file-name))

(defun c-open-relational-file-get-opening-file-name (file-name-prefix ext-list)
  (let ((opening-file-name (concat file-name-prefix "." (car ext-list))))
    (cond ((null (car ext-list))             nil)
	  ((file-exists-p opening-file-name) opening-file-name)
	  (t                                 (c-open-relational-file-get-opening-file-name file-name-prefix 
											   (cdr ext-list))))))

(defun c-open-relational-file (how-open-type)
  "keeping in touch between header file and source file for C or C++"
  (interactive "nOpen-Type 1:buffer,2:split; ")
  (let* ((c-or-cpp-header-map (list "c" "cpp" "cxx" "cc" "c++" "C"))
	 (c-source-map        (list "h" "s"))
	 (asm-source-map      (list "c"))
	 (cpp-source-map      (list "hpp" "h" "hxx" "h++" "hh" "H"))
	 (cpp-header-map      (list "cpp" "cxx" "cc" "c++" "C"))
	    (ext-map (list
		   (cons "h"   c-or-cpp-header-map)
		   (cons "c"   c-source-map)
		   (cons "s"   asm-source-map)
		   (cons "C"   cpp-source-map)
		   (cons "cc"  cpp-source-map)
		   (cons "cpp" cpp-source-map)
		   (cons "cxx" cpp-source-map)
		   (cons "c++" cpp-source-map)
		   (cons "H"   cpp-header-map)
		   (cons "hh"  cpp-header-map)
		   (cons "hpp" cpp-header-map)
		   (cons "hxx" cpp-header-map)
		   (cons "h++" cpp-header-map)))
	 (opened-file-name (buffer-file-name (window-buffer)))
	 (opened-file-name-prefix (c-open-relational-file-get-opened-file-name-prefix opened-file-name))
	 (opened-file-ext-type (c-open-relational-file-get-ext-type opened-file-name))
	 (opening-file-ext-type-list (cdr (assoc opened-file-ext-type ext-map)))
	 (opening-file-name (c-open-relational-file-get-opening-file-name opened-file-name-prefix
	 (opening-file-buffer (if (null opening-file-name)
				(find-file-noselect opening-file-name))))
    (if (null opening-file-buffer)
	(message "not found relational file")
      (cond ((= how-open-type 1) (switch-to-buffer opening-file-buffer))
	    ((= how-open-type 2) (progn (split-window-horizontally)
					(other-window 1)
					(switch-to-buffer opening-file-buffer)))
	    (t                   (message "Illegal Type"))))))